Solar permit design management digital solution

Why Solar Solutions?

We are next generation tech entrepreneurs. At Tatvamasi Labs, We always look for challenges around in the society and try to solve it with our engineering knowledge. Currently there is huge requirement arising for renewable resources due to the climate change, global warming and of course lack of traditional fossil fuels. 

We started our journey back in 2017 with a mission to enable each and every energy enthusiast with technology. After that, there is no look back. We have worked with many Solar developer, EPC companies and renewable energy enthusiasts to equip them with bespoke business automation tools. Our Solar solutions are creating a very big impact world wide! And it gives us true satisfaction. We feel that whatever the skill & knowledge we have, It’s useful for this world and all the people on this planet. 

What are the solar solutions?

We are experts in the development of Solar software and mobile apps. We understand the solar industry deeply. We know customer requirements, supply chain, Solar Equipments stock, Approval & design requirements, O&M and everything related to solar.

Tatvamasi Labs is quite concentrated on what matters most to you – outcomes that increase revenue, reduce costs, increase digital footprints, automise operations and hence increase overall growth. 

Solar permit design drawing management digital solution
Solar permit design management digital solution

How do we provide Solar solutions?

As computer engineers, We are software geeks and we love to get work done from computers rather than humans. 

After 3 years of research on the solar industry, , We have gained ample knowledge about solar companies workflow and already incorporated a lot of workflow automation for our existing Solar customers Like UNIRAC, Solar Deployed Etc.

As industry standards, few fundamental operations are very common for every company, we can leverage our past experience and build an overall bespoke and customized solution that specifically suits your business procedures. 

Also as we have core libraries(code scripts), business logics available off the shelf, you just need to pay for customization that we are doing particular for your company and not for the whole development work.

Our offerings

  1. Solar permit management software/app
  2. Solar Project management tools
  3. Solar Calculators
  4. Solar Marketplace development 
  5. Buy Solar Online (software tools & mobile app)
  6. Solar CRM 
  7. Solar Employee management flows
  8. Solar Website

Our offerings in details

Solar permit management software/app
  • Manage large in-house or remote team
  • Starting from Intake form to revisions to design delivery
  • Revision tracking with reasons 
  • Detailed analytics of Turnaround time
  • Project wise chat options 
  • Dynamic user roles as per employee position 
  • Urgent email notifications
  • Everything that solar design company required
Solar Project management tools / Solar CRM
  • Lead management module
  • Documentation module
  • Vendor management module 
  • Installation stages 
  • O&M modules 
  • Customer Support module 
  • Site survey & design module
  • Remote team management module
  • Internal team management module
  • API communication with existing software
  • Document storage module 
Solar Calculators/tools
  • Embedded calculators on your website
  • Buy Solar Online – Custom purchase flow for  customer 
  • Solar Basic energy generation calculation
  • Create basic solar design for own house
Solar Marketplace development
  • Develop customized software for solar marketplace 
  • Sell solar equipments 
  • Import solar equipments 
Solar Website
  • Get beautiful website & graphic for your solar company
  • Get leads through website
  • SEO friendly website