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Tatvamasi Labs is committed to change the way solar permit design companies manage their designing work, collaborate internally as well as with clients, manage various documents, track the job status and various other task.

After years of research and deep industry knowledge, We have gained ample amount of knowledge about domain workflow. We are quite focused towards incorporating a lot of automation and process optimization features in our customizable solar permit design solution. And as industry standards and fundamental operations are very common for every company, we can leverage our past experience and build an overall bespoke and customized solution that specifically suits in your business procedures. 

Features Overview

Design Job Management

PermitPro let you manage all your permit design work at one place 
  • Assign Designers, QA, Project lead, PE.
  • Track Project Status, 
  • Raise Revision Requests
  • Activities logs, In-App notification
permit drawing job management portal digital solution

Permit Drawings Management

solar permit drawing management portal
Gone are the days where we would keep paper files on important documents.
  • File cloud storage, sync and collaboration platform
  • Apply Digital Sign, PE Stamp
  • Document Versions & Owners 
  • Control Access/ Permissions

Chat feed

Businesses connect and engage with prospects in real-time
  • Internal Team/ Client Communication
  • Instant Query Raising
  • Tag designers, clients
  • Cloud storage and backup.
solar permit drawing management portal decrease turnaround time

Client Module

solar permit drawing management portal decrease turnaround time reduce soft cost
An electronic gateway to a collection of permit files, services, and information.
  • Intake forms (Roof/ Ground mount)
  • Raise Drawing Revisions
  • Installers Module Integration
  • KPI Dashboard 

Reporting & Analytics

Aesthetically appealing visuals to get sneak peak into your business
  • Know your Premier Clients
  • ROI calculation
  • TAT calculation
  • Business function efficiency
solar permit drawing management portal decrease turnaround time reduce soft cost

There are multiple other features that we have incorporated like payment gateways, customized email templates, dynamic intake forms, contracts, Accounting module, Ticketing system, User guide video integration etc. 

Following screens can give you more insight about the solar permit management solution.

Perks of having PermitPro

  • Single tool to have a sneak peek into overall performance of all departments.
  • Industry’s best pricing & turnaround time
  • Easy customer onboarding.
  • Seamless customer experience management(CXM)
  • Installers, Vendors, Dealers, Contractors, Fulfillment partners all in one place
  • Easement of Job and HR management.
  • Only one channel for all your communication.

We are working around Solar permit design management tool for years and  have gained ample amount of knowledge. Also we’ve already developed core libraries (Code scripts), business logics that can be reused and, you just need to pay for customization we do on top of what we have already available.

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